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Precision Beyond Limits

Experience the new dimension of quality measurement and unleash your competitive edge! The 4D EAGLE S combines the best of two worlds in one powerful measuring system: precise laser light sectioning technology for 360° profile measurement, along with surface inspection for long products.

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Premiere at Wire & Tube 2024

At the start of Wire & Tube 2024 in Düsseldorf, KOCKS and LAP present the jointly developed 4D EAGLE S measuring system for precise profile measurement and surface inspection. As part of a far-reaching strategic alliance, the two companies will offer steel producers advanced measuring systems for various applications in the future.

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Successfully in operation

Steel producer Saarstahl AG has commissioned the 4D EAGLE S measuring system for profile measurement and surface inspection developed by KOCKS and LAP as part of a far-reaching strategic alliance at its production sites in Nauweiler and Neunkirchen in Germany.

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Strategic alliance announced

KOCKS Measure + Inspect GmbH & Co. KG and LAP Measurement Technology GmbH have announced a far-reaching strategic cooperation.

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4DEAGLE S  is a measuring system that combines surface inspection and profile measurement of long products (SBQ) in the steel industry in one system.

 It was time to set a new standard for profile measurement and surface inspection solutions. With the jointly developed system, manufacturers of long products can continuously monitor the quality of the end product and immediately optimize the rolling process if defects are detected.

LAP and KOCKS have jointly developed 4DEAGLE S , offering customers worldwide the combined expertise of two market leaders.

4DEAGLE S  captures the complete profile of different long products during production and automatically classifies surface defects.

The system uses the laser light section method to capture the shape of the rolled material production seamlessly.

The system can detect and classify singular and periodic surface defects.

The classification allows rolling mill operators to take targeted troubleshooting measures and adjust rolling parameters.

The data from the system contributes to enhanced end-to-end quality control in production processes.

 Precise contour measurement reduces offline sample cuts and thus lowers quality assurance costs. Thanks to the accurate measurement, trimming is carried out with greater precision. Active control through precise measurement of the dimension. Adjust the roll gap based on the measured values.

 Precise measurement increases the reliability of production within the specified tolerance band after product changes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to classify surface defects; Machine learning methods allow the system to be adapted to specific requirements.

The system offers standardized interfaces like OPC UA and enables quality data integration for cross-process use in the Smart Factory.

Planned developments include further applications for different geometries of rolling goods and root cause analyses features.